Become a vendor on CoinCola and start your very own business. Buy and sell cryptocurrency with Bank Transfers and Online Wallets to increase your profits.
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Become a vendor on CoinCola and start your very own business. Buy Gift Cards with selling cryptocurrency to increase your profits.
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How to be A Crypto Vendor on CoinCola

Welcome to CoinCola, the platform that allows you to become a crypto vendor easily and earn money through peer-to-peer, p2p trading, and P2P trading. By creating an offer on our platform, you can start selling bitcoin, gift cards, and other cryptocurrencies in no time.

If you want to become a vendor on CoinCola, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open a CoinCola account and verify your email, phone number, and identification details to get a free Bitcoin wallet with two-factor authentication (2FA) security.
  2. Go to the User Center page. You can access this page by clicking on the top-right dropdown menu and selecting User Center.
  3. Complete the identity verification process. Once you apply, you'll need to undergo the identity verification process. This requires you to submit additional documents, such as a government-issued ID, proof of address, and a selfie, to a CoinCola representative to verify your identity.
  4. Add funds to your CoinCola wallet. After completing the identity verification, you should deposit some funds to your CoinCola P2P wallet. A minimum balance is necessary in your P2P wallet to post any offers.
    • Minimum Balance - FIAT OFFER

      Coin Buy Sell
      BTC 0.005 0.001
      USDT 120 30
      XRP 70 70
      BCH 0.2 0.1
      GUSD 120 30
      ETH 0.1 0.05
      LTC 1 1
      DASH 0.7 0.7
      EOS 5 5
    • Minimum Balance - GIFT CARD OFFER

      Coin Buy Sell
      BTC 0.02 0.01
      USDT 120 30
      ETH 0.1 0.05
  5. Start trading as a vendor. Once you complete the deposit, you can start trading as a vendor on CoinCola. Follow our offer creation guide to create an offer and start your business.
    1. You can post an offer for free! No need to worry about any charges.
    2. When a trade is completed, a small fee of only 0.70% will be applied.
    3. If your P2P wallet balance falls below the minimum balance required for a trade or the minimum trade amount you set, your offer will be automatically deactivated. But don't worry, you can always reactivate it once you have enough funds in your wallet.
    4. If your offer gets disabled, you'll need to manually activate it yourself. But it's a simple process, and we'll guide you through it.

If you require any assistance with the vendor application process or have any questions, please contact CoinCola's support team via the chat icon on the lower-right corner of the page.

Don't hesitate any longer to begin trading – sign up for CoinCola today!

1. Posting an offer is free;
2. -- fee is applied for each completed trade;
3. A minimum balance is required in your P2P wallet for offer to be displayed;
4. Offer will be deactivated when your P2P wallet balance is less than the required minimum balance or the minimum trade amount your set;
5. Disabled offer need to be manually activated by yourself.