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    40% Commissions for 12 Months
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Refer & Earn in 3 Steps

  • Share Referral with Your Friends.
    Share Referral with Your Friends.
    Send your referral code (link) to friends.
  • Complete Registration & Trading.
    Complete Registration & Trading.
    Via your referral, friends have completed registration and traded on CoinCola.
  • Get Referral Rewards
    Get Referral Rewards
    The commission generated from your friends’ trading.

Rewards Summary

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Promotion Details

We are very excited to announce the CoinCola Upgraded Referral Program for the Traders. NOW EARN EXTRA CRYPTOCURRENCY WITH COINCOLA REFERRAL PROGRAM.
1. Refer friends to earn commissions on P2P trading and Exchange & Margin trading.
2. If your friend registers after January 7, 2022, you can earn 40% of the trading commission of your friend for 12 months.
3. Referral Commission = Fee For Each Trading * Referral Rate = Cryptocurrency Amount for Each Trading * Trading Fee Rate * Referral Rate.
4. The commission for P2P trading is calculated immediately and credited to P2P Wallet. The commission for Exchange trading and Margin trading will be calculated and credited directly to your Exchange Wallet within 24 hours. The details of the commission can be viewed under P2P / Exchange Wallet – History – Commission rewards.
5. The new referral rate of CoinCola Upgraded Referral Program is not eligible to the traders who registered before 2:00 UTC, 8 November 2021, they shall still follow the original referral rate.
6. You will be disqualified from all referral rewards if you use multiple accounts, cheat, or engage in unethical behavior, as defined by CoinCola.
7. CoinCola reserves the right to change the terms of the referral program at any time due to changing market conditions, risk of fraud, or any other factors we deem relevant.