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Buy bitcoins via Sephora Gift Card with United States Dollar (USD)

29743.95 USD
100 - 1000USD
Payment window:
30 mins

How much do you want to buy?



1. Please confirm the price and amount before place this trade.
2. Please pay the seller in the payment window. After completed the payment, please click "I have paid". The seller will release the crypto to you after received payment. If you do not mark as paid in time, the trade will be automatically cancelled after timeout.
3.If you encounter trade dispute, you can open a dispute, the customer service will intervene to deal with it. For details, please see "Help".

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Terms of trade:
1. Say hello and wait for my reply.
2.You must ask my permission before you send the card.
3. Please inform us of the physical card or password and the amount before sending this card.
4. If the card you send is not what I need or does not match the transaction, I will not be held responsible.
5. I will check whether the gift card has enough balance, and I will tell you how long I need to notify BTC to complete the operation.

In the course of my use of this card, if this card is used by someone else, I will not release the Bitcoins, I will report to you

If you do not agree to the above terms, please do not enter into the transaction
I can use the paypal Zelle Cash APP and various spending cards please add my WhatsApp if you need

my WhatsApp❤ +8618171858226 ❤